I caught up with Ethan Lawinsky, the one and only. We all know him from his glamorous IG feed, his “fine boy no pimple” selfies, his fashion sense, and obviously his music. This man is amazing, and I shall add, a charm to talk to. We talked about fashion, music, the future, the whole lot really. So, get to know him, or at least beyond IG and snapchat.

1. OK, let’s start with you. Who is Ethan Lawinsky?
Well, my name is Ethan kavuma! Lawinsky is an alter ego. Oh, and I sing. Ha!

2. Ok, so at what age did you start becoming fascinated with fashion and music?
Hmm, I believe once one hits the high school level, you get to figure out who you really are as a person and what you like. Basically, by 13 I had my eyes set on specific things and interests. So that is where it started.

3. Interesting. So what goes on in your head when you’re dressing up every day? I am 100% sure everyone wants to know.
Haha. Ok well fashion for me personally relies mostly on mood. What I wear most of the time reflects how I feel on the inside.

4. So when you’re happy we might see you in yellow? ha! Ok moving on. This is my favorite question, does fashion allow people to express their individuality or does it force people to conform?
YES! fashion is all about expression, so it does allow people to express themselves, it’s so open. That’s why we all stand out differently.

5. I see, so you’re favorite all-time designer?
Karl Lagerfeld.


6. How much attention do you pay to fashion trends in the way you dress? I mean looking at your IG feed, trends don’t pass you by.
Simple, enough attention. You know,  to know what works for me and what does not. And the fact that we have tons of trends hitting the market, one must be able to associate with their right fit and style.



7. Are your looks well planned or do they come with less thought? Again, I’m onto your IG.
Ha! Ok, most of the time I put less thought into it if it’s just running errands. But of course, if it’s an event, deep thought on my appearance comes in.

8. Have you ever made any fashion mistakes?
YES! Who has not? In the past I have! let’s not talk about it. ha!

9. Describe your style in 3 words.
Simple, Comfortable, and Eye-catching.

10. Everyone has a wardrobe MVP. What’s yours?
JACKETS! JACKETS! JACKETS! These things are life.

11. Amen to that. What would you never wear?
Leather Pants. No!

12. That bad? How important is image to an artist’s success?
Image is what sells you the most! Your fan base borrows ideas from your style. So I think it’s really important.

13. How do you prepare yourself for an upcoming shoot?
A stylist is a must and enough sleep the night before is important. Totally.

14. How important is communication between yourself and the photographer that you’ll be working with? Some are a pain, I can imagine.
Well, I like working with photographers that are not afraid to learn something new from the client, it’s necessary sometimes. So the chemistry has to be there between the two of us. Also, they need to be able to know what I like before shooting me.IMG_20171228_165216

15. What’s the most fun part of your job?
I think the most fun part for me is the creation process in the studio making of a song. Nothing beats that.

16. Most challenging?
The stress to be perfect. It’s a pain.

17. How do you feel just casually walking down the street and someone recognizes you?
It’s weird! That’s something you can never get used to!

18. What is important for a successful career in music?
I would say patience. Good things take time.

19. Ok, rounding up, what according to you is the best part of being all that you are? You know, Ethan Lawinsky.
Being able to do what I love. I couldn’t ask for more.

20. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Having a family of my own! I love kids.

21. Advice for anyone who wants to be like you?
Patience, Prayer, Faith, and Hard work. That is how you get to places.


I had fun doing this with Ethan. Did you enjoy reading it? Well then go ahead and share!! Like and do leave a comment.




balacia 2Jasmine Miranda Wallace is a 23-year-old entrepreneur. She is the young owner of Balacia Jewelry, a company that designs simple, classy, and modern rings. I caught up with her for this series to see how this power Jewelry designer works it all out.

1. So who is Jasmine Miranda Wallace?
I would describe myself as a passionate, philanthropic, 23-year-old entrepreneur with the goal of creating a legacy as a successful Jewelry designer.

2. When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career as a Jewelry designer?
I’ve always loved fashion so I originally started my business venture with clothing, even though my jewelry was always on my mind as well. After my 23rd birthday, I finally decided to start Balacia.

3. Who do you design for?
I design for women who want to reflect their individual style through beautiful, fine Jewelry.

4. What was your biggest fear when going out and starting your own line?
I was a little worried about people responding to our affordable pricing. Most jewelers markup their prices 280-320%, so seeing our prices compared to theirs might make people question the quality of our jewelry, however, Balacia features 100% authentic stones without the mainstream jewelry line markups.

5. What are some upcoming jewelry trends?
Morganite is our top selling stone right now- it looks amazing on a rose gold band.

balacia 1

6. How do you decide what you want to create?
I usually think about what I would like to wear and what seasonal trends are on. Winter is quickly approaching so snowflake jewelry is in high demand right now.

7. What is the best thing about being a Jewelry designer?
My favorite part is watching my creations come to life. Although I’m not the best sketcher, our team does a great job bringing the Balacia vision to life.

8. What is your favorite stone to design with?
Moissanite; I love how brilliantly it sparkles. Fun fact: Moissanite is a 9.25 out of a diamond’s 10 on a hardness scale, yet diamonds are typically 10 times the price.

9. Tell us a little about your design style and why it is unique in the industry.
My style is simple, classy, and modern. A lot of designers create complex rings with 50+ stones, which are beautiful and artistic- but my style is a unique take on modest jewelry.

10. What questions do you ask yourself when designing a piece for a client?
I love designing custom rings. I try to collect as much information from the customer as possible. I always ask myself how I can bring their vision to life.

11. How do you feel about reviews on your jewelry?
Reading feedback on my jewelry line is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Jewelry is so unique and personal; knowing that I can design someone’s perfect ring is a priceless feeling.

12. How long does it take you to complete a single piece of jewelry?
We create many types of jewelry with many different stones and metals so production time widely varies- it can take days or weeks.

13. What is the most challenging part of owning your own Jewelry studio?
Our main challenge so far is being an online jewelry store. Some people prefer to try on rings in person before purchasing. Thankfully, our rings videos show our jewelry quality very well.

14. What is your favorite Balacia piece?
Our 20 stone Moissanite ring is my favorite so far; I’ve never seen anything like it.

15. Who is your favorite Jewelry designer?
Such a difficult question! I would say, Laurence Graff of Graff Diamonds- his designs are breathtaking.

16. Favourite piece of jewelry you own and why it’s so special?
My favorite piece of jewelry is my engagement ring. My fiancé, Devon Carter, proposed to me December 28th, 2016. Looking at my beautiful ring on my finger every day is also what inspired me to create my own line.

balacia 3

17. What is your biggest jewelry pet peeve?
My biggest pet peeve is ring bands getting scratched. All Balacia purchases come with a protective pouch to keep the jewelry from getting damaged or lost.

18. How do you feel when a client is wearing a Balacia ring for an engagement ring?
Knowing that people give Balacia rings to symbolize their true love for their partner is very meaningful to me.

19. Where do you deliver?
Internationally, to basically everywhere.

20. So where can anyone find you physically and online?
Our jewelry is currently exclusively available at but we look forward to wholesaling to retailers across the world.

21. So, any advice to anyone out there waiting to build their own jewelry line?
I have three tips for jewelry entrepreneurs:
a) Build an amazing team. Entrepreneurship is hard work and you don’t want to do it all on your own.
b) Take a lot of photos and videos of your jewelry. Show everyone the beauty of your designs.
c) Work on SEO. Make it possible for people to find your designs online.




When we think anklets we think Bollywood, I mean who wouldn’t?  Every woman and girl wears them in those movies, and they look amazing, drawing all the attention to the legs. Who would not want that kind of attention?. They are chic and so easy to wear if you know what you’re looking for.

There is a huge list of options to pick from on the market depending on  your interest and comfort level. Not forgetting there are different prices for a wide range of anklets. The most popular ones include; beaded, diamond, silver, gold, lace and many more. So it’s really easy to choose one in your budget.

Now without further ado, let’s get into the types of anklets (well, of course, some, there are so many we can’t cover them in one post).


Anklets come in an array of colors and styles. Some are styled with beads, precious stones, charms or you could get them customized really. Others are single strands, double strands, even triple strands. So, most are made to fit all sizes with an extra string of links, but, keep in mind that anklets are like any other body jewelry, you wear according to your body size. For example, thick ankles look good with a double strand and large embellishments so it’s easy to see. Now if your ankles are small or slim, single strands with smaller charms,  stones or whatever will do just fine.



Does the beach come to mind when you see these? Me too.






lace anklet

Laces are sexy, but such a lace and jewel combination is even more sexier. Who says anklets only have to be in silver color and made up of sturdy material. They can be made out of any kind of material for example this lace anklets is perfect for date nights or when going out with your friends for a cup of coffee.




Plain Gold.

plain gold

You can wear these under body socks at that official party and still look like Hollywood glamour.





Layered Gold. 


In need of a stylish and different look? Layers baby.






The Cuff. 


This screams class. Great choice for when you’re wearing that slit-gown, at a wedding or any formal party for that matter.







On the market, anklets vary in length. So really, for some it might be tight or loose. Still, some are styled like that, to be either loose or tight. So basically, you can choose that one that goes below your ankle bone or that which comes just above it. It all depends on how the anklet you choose to wear suits your attire and the occasion to which you will be going to.

The footwear is definitely one to look at here. Very vital in choosing the right anklet. So let’s look at whether its shoes or just sandals.  For shoes, be sure to choose one that comes above the ankle and is tight. Well this is because you want to avoid the discomfort that comes with the anklet getting in to your shoes. Now with sandals, it’s clear that the loose anklet will look better and there’s no discomfort there. Adjustable anklets are available on the market so it makes it easier to adjust the height to your comfort.


Anklets are meant to be seen, that’s the point of them. So be sure to wear one that is comfortable and have the size and measure just right. Not forgetting the event and outfit, after all, they are accent pieces worn to enhance your legs.


I suppose I have saved a soul or two, I shall go now. Don’t forget to share, like, and comment. Thank you.

happy shopping!!!!





OK, so it is easy to wrap your head around the idea that bracelets are pretty much just a lady thing when the female bracelet scene steps on the men’s. But like any piece of jewelry, (we will get to that) bracelets can still be a part of a stylish man.

When you tiptoe away from the usual wedding rings, guys tend to ask, “Why the jewelry?”. How do you wear one and still feel manly?. Either way,they are definitely not a necessity, you can go through life smoothly without one- but they are very much on the table.



The role of a well-chosen bracelet isn’t that far away from the role of any other piece of jewelry, like a necklace or a ring. It’s there to be noticed, not exactly the centerpiece of your look, but surely a distinct part of it.

What type of bracelet to wear will solely depend on one’s personal style. If the suit and tie is your daily thing, then something metallic is a natural fit. If you happen to be on the summer shirts and loose pants side,  then probably leather, rope, and bead sorts of bracelets with that rough-edged, natural look will do the trick.


The tough bit about this is that most classic menswear leaves no room for it. Well unless you are getting your sleeves tailored with bracelets in mind. So this means suit and cuffs will be fighting for attention and space. Let’s not forget the watch. But this does not at all mean we leave the bracelets for the summer when the sleeves are much shorter. We can still work it with the long sleeves.It’s really just common sense.


It’s easy to look awkward if your bracelets are mismatched or misplaced, you know, like trying to be cool but don’t exactly have it yet.One wrist bare always looks better than both wrists occupied. But there are a few exceptions in fashion as always, and you can actually pull it off, but as a starter, it’s better to get the hang of it first before risking it all.


Let us leave the slender metal bands with stones to the women here.


Fun fact about these is that they come in various thicknesses and are the total opposite of metal bands.You can easily make these yourself if you put in the practice and they are so easy to personalize. I like to say they are relaxed and sort of counter-culture, but in a trendy way.


Definitely cant wear one of these to a board meeting in a conservative business, unless your reputation is high-end. Otherwise, it comes off as a quirky personal touch.





We all know these ones. Those brightly colored and a little cheap-looking, so wear them for a fun activity and not to look classy. They are usually made or worn for a particular cause, let’s say cancer or a fundraiser.They are not formal in any way. Social event? throw one on, or two for that matter.embossed-technologies


Think skulls,snakes, chains of silver,curled scorpions, and other “rock & roll” symbols. Though this one’s a pretty broad category. It’s all just rock & roll jewelry really.


The chunkier ones do not sit well with the suits and ties, but otherwise it’s pretty flexible.You could still pull off that chained skull pick with a suit, as long as your collar is open and your hairstyle has attitude. I’m thinking Jack Sparrow in a suit.





Classic punk style without going too far.Goes great with black jeans and a black T-shirt with a band logo and looks sort of weird with anything else.



This is the one most likely to be paired with suits and ties, and is easily the most upscale style of man bracelets. This is great when you want something with a little flash and swagger. Pair it with simple but elegant clothes and let it do the talking every time it flashes from underneath those cuffs.

Men’s Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet Rustic Wide Band by Lynn Todd Designs

These come in a variety of styles, but it still remains a single solid, bold statement on that wrist. It’s masculine, uncluttered and somewhat “look at me”.

Wearing one of  these means no wristwatch, its an either/or choice. Anything too flashy is a no-no, and you clearly need no gemstones. The bracelet alone is title enough.






At the end of the day , chosen well, a good bracelet will do what any other good accessory does, complement what you wear. Your outfits definitely change day to day, so that means having a good variety of man bracelets to suite your mood or outfit. Or you can just stick to one type if that is who you are, as long as it looks natural and effortless.

Start easy and with a few and see if you like the whole “man bracelet” idea.

Have fun now.


Tisha …XoXo…


It’s a trend! It’s a trend! It’s a trend!!!  And I can assure you it’s going NOWHERE.It is here to STAY. Even Rihanna thinks so.

Maybe it’s just me but I believe most of the jewelry trends “happening” are a version of those during the Greek Empire times. Now, I am an old soul and I love how they dressed and put things together, just look at the effortless “slayage”. I mean who doesn’t? But lets look at the Upper Arm Cuffs, we see them then and here they are, re-surfacing now. They have been around for a while but for a reason, they have gotten mad popular. Do I own one? I suggest you do not ask too many questions.

So, let’s get to it.


Jewelry has never failed to bring life to an outfit and enhance one’s  best features. So what other way to rock that if not with a bold, striking and attention-grabbing piece of statement jewelry? So here we welcome the Upper Arm Cuff/Ring.

 “It’s not just about the kind of bracelet you wear, but where you wear it matters too.”

gypsyUpper arm cuffs will always be  your go-to accessories when it’s that time for tank tops and vests.  Make sure you tone your arms before wearing these fashion must-have’s though. I mean lets work on those arms because this piece will inevitably draw a lot of attention to your upper arm and we don’t want it looking random now do we? NO. So hit that work-out routine lady.

But hey,there’s no such thing as a bad body type. You can still “kill it” and look stylish and confident no matter what. Its all about dressing to highlight your best features and downplaying your trouble spots.

That said, if you do have fat arms, you are not allowed to sit in the corner and cry as you wait for this trend to die out. (which I highly doubt). So for the ladies with big arms, the size and length as well as the texture of the cuff do matter.In line with YOUR arm length and height.A tight and small cuff will look out of place, so why not go for the stretchy ones or the wider ones. And if you are petite (yours truly), less chunky and less large will do the trick. gold-upper-arm-cuff-armlet-by-tonedelite-28dollars

“Arm cuffs are the best way to highlight the guns (or to distract from a lack of guns).”

Here are the hottest upper arm bracelet themes:


Yantra geometric arm cuff.

Think  shapes, don’t complicate it.Let’s see,chevrons, circles, triangles, concentric squares and more. Geometric-inspired shapes have been and will always be a major element on runways and haven’t lost their esteemed position.

 Snakes snake

Ancient Egypt come to mind yet? The coiling snake looks amazing on upper arm bracelets. Scale-like pattern and gem eyes or a thin-gauge wire with coiled ends,this piece screams “Egyptian” anything. So waltz like one and bask in that glory darling.




Maybe it’s the base that is chain, or the adornments are chain, either way, the look is captivating. Chain wrapped around the arm has been accented with more chain looped and dangling, sometimes with charms or stones such as turquoise for a pop of color.


Fringe and Tassels

Leather Arm cuffs by boho jewelry.

Love that dangling and swinging feel to your jewelry? This free-swinging trend is not over yet. Fringe is flattering on upper arms, easily blocking any tiny bit of “bulge” securing a cuff may cause.Tassels and fringe come in a variety of  materials including leather,seed beads and more.


Maison Martin Margiela Metal arm cuff-Maison Margiela

Thinner bangles or cuffs–often considered Greek-goddess inspired–squeeze to conform to your arm.

So, I do hope I helped a sister out on this one and made many realise they need at least one arm cuff, for that “Look-at-me” day. This is my way of saying “buy as many as you can”. But remember,

The key is to keep it simple and either work your outfit around one big eye-catching piece, or to work well-coordinated Arm Cuffs into your look by striking the right balance.





Imagine a man in a tuxedo at a black-tie event.He has poise, style and a posture that grabs everyone’s attention.He casually turns his wrist to check the time… a Casio calculator wristwatch with a rubber strap…


The watch you are wearing speaks a lot about your personality and and bracelet

I love a man with a good watch, as much as I love me with  a good watch.(makes sense?) Point is there are so many good brands out there, I’m talking;

Patek Phillipe, Audemars Piguet, Rolex, Bell & Ross, Blancpain, Breitling, Bremont, Bulova, Bulgari,Casio.

These are not even a quarter of them.There are so many ways to dress a good watch, so many ways to choose a good watch and as many ways NOT to dress a good watch. Now your mumbling “how? we dont need to be so into the watch-how-it-looks like you ladies, we’re men”. Now honey that is not true, the man’s jewellery world is not as wide as ours but that makes to show how much is put into the watch than you might actually notice.




I am sure some of you have asked  whether you should have your shirt cuffs made bigger – or the sleeves shorter – in order to accommodate a watch. This is relevant to anyone buying a shirt.Yes, even you Daniel who is just picking any shirt.

The short answer is no, if you can help it. Unlike the sleeve of a jacket, a shirt sleeve relies on gripping the wrist to keep it at the correct length. This enables it to have excess cloth in the sleeve so that when the arm is extended, this excess is taken up and the cuff remains on the wrist. If a shirt cuff is made too big, it risks slipping too far down the hand, or compromising this excess in the sleeve.

Having a larger shirt cuff to fit over a watch is a poor functional solution in any case. The sleeve can often become stuck on the watch, or sit at odd angles.Where did I learn this? I have my sources *wink*. I’ll give you a hint,  “research”.


Colour’s colour’s colour’s, a very important aspect indeed.Usually black watches are the most formal, while brown, gray or khaki watches tend to be more casual. Very colorful watches should be kept for casual occasions only.Very bright colors are usually the right choice when it comes to sport watches, while darker colors are reserved for more formal watches.Let’s not forget you skin tone, pick a colour theme that compliments your skin




Simplicity.Thats what makes an elegant watch. Because simplicity is something that’s so hard to obtain, a simple, yet sophisticated watch is the best option should you be wearing with a suit.An elegant watch can be made out of gold, white gold or silver for a very upscale event, or it can be more colorful and have leather strap, but still look “well-mannered”. A simple, elegant, yet colorful watch can be the pop of color you can add to a very formal outfit. Note that there are different degrees of formal clothes. A Tux and The Black Suit. Each has its Do’s and Dont’s.Be sure to do your research before falling all in.elegant


I’ll take it that you are not a guy who is wearing sweatpants on a daily basis outside of your work-out place when we discuss what an appropriate casual watch is. The right casual watch has fine lines and a carefully crafted design, but it also leaves room to playfulness and creativity. Most watches do fall in this category. Sometimes, a casual watch can be more strict than another, but, again, it all depends on the circumstances. For example, both working at the office and traveling are casual occasions, but they are different types of casual. The more laid back the situation, the more relaxed you can be when it comes to your watch: now im not saying go colour crazy when at that office cocktail.Either way,you can still wear a formal watch when out with your friends.



If you are a small guy and you wear a big watch, it won’t make you look bigger, you will appear to be wearing handcuffs. Also, a bigger man wearing a thin watch is most likely to look ,you know, I wont even go there.To get the best effect you should always pick your watch according to your size. As any other accessories, watches should be proportionate to your body: thin men can work slim watches, while bigger guys can carry watches that are boxier and more robust.

slim body rolex cellini trio
Slim watch The Trio from Rolex ” Cellini”

“Just like in the case of glasses, a watch can harden or soften your look if needed. For example, a watch with a boxier shape can compensate a more slender figure, while a very round watch can soften a very “square look”. Sometimes, watches can be in tandem with your shape. This is why the golden rule is to see what looks best on you and which trick results in the most harmonious look you can get”. F&F


This is the power of a wristwatch, gentlemen – it can either break or build an outfit!

Since men wear limited jewelry, a watch is an expression of their personality. The best wristwatches are simple, versatile, sophisticated and classic.

Most men prefer to own more than one watch so they can wear the appropriate timepiece to complement their outfit.



Personal tip; you CAN mix gold & silver, they are both neutrals.



Tisha (yes, I am a woman)



I love jewellery, anyone that knows me knows I live for jewellery. Rings are my husband, I am happily married to rings, I’m not even playing, aside from the fact that I love a full wrist, having many rings teamed with a classy manicure are my big-bang.(makes sense?).This collection in itself is all about Power, femininity and strength.These being the new essentials of the Versace Fine Jewellery collection.


Style inspiration::Rihanna

Anyways, I am all in for Fine Jewellery. I’m talking precious materials such as gold, diamonds, and pearls. It is distinct from fashion jewelry, which tends to be made from inexpensive, commonplace materials such as brass.Costume jewellery is also different, but that’s a topic for another day.


BACK TO THE VIRYA AND VEDANA COLLECTION I am in love with.Its a collection that redefines the jewellery codes and interprets Versace’s quest for innovation, individuality and elegance.

The Vedana collection,

The Virya line – with its precious stones and sharp geometry, is wisely crafted by a unique setting technique that let the light and the colours play and reflect on the mirror facets of the gold. The iconic Greek key set like an interchanged signature in gold.

Necklaces, rings and earrings embellished with rare gemstones like black onyx, amethyst and honey citrine.

The Vedana collection, made of earrings and rings, is enriched by an original spherical shape of the precious stones in nine different sizes, never used before in jewellery.

This innovative stone-cutting revolutionizes the rings fit conferring a brand new sensation on the skin. The mirror polished gold plays with the light, conveying a vibrant life to the stones. 


We have seen Sophie Turner,Demi Lovato,Beyonce rock Versace stones,but this collection is another treasure in its own way. I love fine detail, I love stones, I love love love sharp geometry.Versace gave it to me in full with this collection. We all know Im not one to stash brands or labels all in the name of fashion, you can still look like 1000$ in 20$ (thank you Amber Rose). I look at quality, but my exception comes in with jewellery. You want it to last and look dashing, then honey invest in it.

azyaamode captures the essence of versaces new fine jewellery

Saving up for this one, you should start.Already planning the manicure to match it with. I know, I can get way into stuff sometimes. Oh well,

happy shopping!!!!


It has been said, preached, historically proven, researched on officially,properly and also, THAT women appreciate a man’s shoes before his watch. (I’m not even lying, and I love a good watch).Arguably the most important investment of all: your shoes. I like to say that the first time you meet someone, you’re judged on basically three things– your hair, handshake and footwear (and a watch for me ).And I’m not saying all you ever do should be to impress the opposite sex, now that is jut sad.Be you, just do it with style.

Job interview or a first date, if you’re hoping for approval from a “future boss” or potential love interest, you’re probably not going to get it when they glance down to see a rather sad-looking pair of battered old I dont know what.Honey you need to step it up a bit.Even the Bible says so.

“But the choices are eternal!”.That is true,with an ever increasing display of footwear styles available both in stores and online, shopping for shoes can be nerve-wrecking. No worries, I’ve tried to narrow down the top five essentials and a few more for bonus. Your welcome.

  1.  The Leather Lace-Up Boot

    No, boots are not for only cowboys and hikers.There are enough types of boots out there for the one that loves the dirty-sexy life of a hiker or for those that just really want to be cowboys.I know a few of them. So,already have a pair of lace up leather boots? consider adding a pair of suede desert boots (that smart-casual warm-weather look), leather brogue boots or hiking boots to the collection.

    How to keep them clean you ask.As Wytse Hylkema of Red Wing Heritage explains: “To extend the life of your boots, use a leather protector before wearing them for the first time. It adds an invisible shield to water, oil and mud.”
    “For general cleaning, use warm water, a clean cloth and a soft bristle brush. For more difficult areas, use leather cleaner product with a clean cloth and brush. Then, remove the cleaning product with a damp cloth and allow to dry.”leather lace up boot

The White Leather Low Top Trainer.

The  choice on the market today is outrageous, it’s tough to select just one style, but suffice to say you should be looking for something white and made from leather. Adidas Originals – think Gazelle, Superstar or Stan Smith models – are a good place to start if you want something with a street wear slant that works with both jeans and T-shirt combinations as well as smarter trousers and blazers.For purists, Vans Authentic white leather or Common Projects’ Achilles silhouette offer comfort, versatility and classic, luxurious style.ow top trainers

The Suede Loafer.suede oafers, alden tassel



brown leather.jpg

TED BAKER ARCHERR.ted baker acherr.jpg

Navy suede wingtips, perforated detailing, contrast stitching, and crimson soles make these dress shoes a serious style score, no matter what you wear them with.

JOHNSTON & MURPHY ALDRICH II.johnston & murphy aldrich
Go traditional with these cap-toe oxfords, a smart sartorial choice with their on-point perforated design and trampoline cushioning system.

This shoe is part of Allen Edmonds’s Timeless Classics for a reason: Its cap-toe feature and decorative details go the extra mile, suggesting that the oxford’s wearer does, too.


Russell & Bromley ABACROMBIE Burgundy Patent Leather Lace-Up Brogue Shoes

my personal favourite actually.

OK, so I know some of the other really great shoes may not be in this list,because well, that would take me days.This list is purely essentials,I mean you really must own one of these if not all of these boys. These start your shoe closet, yes, we have one too.

Also,dressing each of these up matters. Especially the boots, you need to pick the right silhouette: too high and they run the risk of overpowering your outfit, too short and they’ll look like an odd heritage-inspired take on an ankle boot. Either way, you do you and surely you will succeed.

Obviously, there is no golden rule to building the ‘perfect shoe collection’, as tastes are bound to differ. If you’re into wearing suits, you’re not necessarily going to be dancing at the bit for a pair of fashion trainers. Equally, if you’re into distressed jeans and long-line tees, a patent Oxford probably isn’t your number one priority.

This list just basically provides you a base to work from and be sure you are ready for all events that may pop-up unexpected.Carefully consider which styles you really need, and then shop around for a good deal to build a footwear collection that’s the definition of timeless and versatile.

Well, I think my work here is somewhat finished.



After studying fashion from 2007-2009, Ikiriza Dianne opened her own fashion house called “Iki Dee Fashions” grabbing almost 7000 followers on Facebook and Instagram because of her exquisite detailing.She draws her inspiration from urban development,nature and African beauty, shape, and colour. She works over traditional wear, kids wear,bridal, office, casual, and is also popular for her customized looks. She has also dressed some of Uganda’s elite like Ashburg Katto (renown blogger). Let’s have a look at some of her most popular work.


FOR BOOKING ::: +256706810528


Jacket By Iki Dee.
Shirt By Iki Dee.
By Iki Dee.
Shirt and Bag by Iki Dee.
Both BY Iki Dee.
Shirt by Iki Dee
Designer Ikiriza Dianne with Ashburg Katto. custom made outfit just for Ashburg.



I personally love lipstick, and i sure own a huge collection.I wear lipstick to get over the fact that i do not wear any other makeup (aside from eye shadow).I simply can not see myself seated in front of a mirror with 120 different makeup brushes and tonnes of different foundation or whatever and trying to draw angles on my face and symmetrical lines that i successfully failed to do in my math class.Not forgetting the fact that I’m lazy and I just really love the way i look without makeup.


Some of you are wondering, how is lipstick an accessory? Well it is, it has been debated a few times but renown fashion names have said that makeup is indeed an accessory.

SO, my sad makeup life aside. Lets talk about my newest obsession that my bestfriend Laura introduced me to. JEFFREE STAR VELOUR LIQUID LIPSTICK.I love this particular lipstick from Jeffree Star because the tubes themselves are closer to a lipstick size than a gloss tube, but thicker, and the barrel is clear so you can see the colour of the product.The line is full of over-the-top hues and covetable textures. As fearlessly glamorous as their creator.


The collection has so many colours to choose from from moody blues to the brightest red, all to fit your mood and occasion. Here is a list of some of the colours.

  • Unicorn Blood
  • Dominatrix
  • I’m Nude
  • Celebrity Skin
  • Mannequin
  • Posh Spice
  • Gemini
  • Androgyny
  • Jaw Breaker
  • Blue Velvet
  • Breakfast At Tiffany’s
  • Queen Supreme
  • Dirty Money
  • Scorpio………


The list goes on and on, you can find the full list here and also shop for as many as you can, though some are already sold out. (no thanks to you Kim K).

My personal favourite is Abused. Yes, you guessed right, its dark and does not want to be blue as much as it does not want to be grey. Get it? Basically, this collection will have every girl feeling like a queen.And it gives that matte finish!! What more can a girl ask for? The prices are reasonable on the link above, starting from 18$ and it actually last super long, like all night long. The best part for me is that I can have  a shade per my emotions, its an amazing collection that i urge all girls to try out, trust me, you wont regret it.


Also,the liquid lipstick goes on opaque, dries completely matte and stays on for hours!  Is 100% vegan & cruelty-free! (tips before use: exfoliate then apply to bare lips! Avoid food with oil… and no making out, kisses are ok!)
Also: Paraben & Gluten-Free / 0.19 oz.

So, I am off to search for the perfect shades for me and my overly excited bestfriend. The link to the site is above.

Happy shopping!!