OK, so it is easy to wrap your head around the idea that bracelets are pretty much just a lady thing when the female bracelet scene steps on the men’s. But like any piece of jewelry, (we will get to that) bracelets can still be a part of a stylish man.

When you tiptoe away from the usual wedding rings, guys tend to ask, “Why the jewelry?”. How do you wear one and still feel manly?. Either way,they are definitely not a necessity, you can go through life smoothly without one- but they are very much on the table.



The role of a well-chosen bracelet isn’t that far away from the role of any other piece of jewelry, like a necklace or a ring. It’s there to be noticed, not exactly the centerpiece of your look, but surely a distinct part of it.

What type of bracelet to wear will solely depend on one’s personal style. If the suit and tie is your daily thing, then something metallic is a natural fit. If you happen to be on the summer shirts and loose pants side,  then probably leather, rope, and bead sorts of bracelets with that rough-edged, natural look will do the trick.


The tough bit about this is that most classic menswear leaves no room for it. Well unless you are getting your sleeves tailored with bracelets in mind. So this means suit and cuffs will be fighting for attention and space. Let’s not forget the watch. But this does not at all mean we leave the bracelets for the summer when the sleeves are much shorter. We can still work it with the long sleeves.It’s really just common sense.


It’s easy to look awkward if your bracelets are mismatched or misplaced, you know, like trying to be cool but don’t exactly have it yet.One wrist bare always looks better than both wrists occupied. But there are a few exceptions in fashion as always, and you can actually pull it off, but as a starter, it’s better to get the hang of it first before risking it all.


Let us leave the slender metal bands with stones to the women here.


Fun fact about these is that they come in various thicknesses and are the total opposite of metal bands.You can easily make these yourself if you put in the practice and they are so easy to personalize. I like to say they are relaxed and sort of counter-culture, but in a trendy way.


Definitely cant wear one of these to a board meeting in a conservative business, unless your reputation is high-end. Otherwise, it comes off as a quirky personal touch.





We all know these ones. Those brightly colored and a little cheap-looking, so wear them for a fun activity and not to look classy. They are usually made or worn for a particular cause, let’s say cancer or a fundraiser.They are not formal in any way. Social event? throw one on, or two for that matter.embossed-technologies


Think skulls,snakes, chains of silver,curled scorpions, and other “rock & roll” symbols. Though this one’s a pretty broad category. It’s all just rock & roll jewelry really.


The chunkier ones do not sit well with the suits and ties, but otherwise it’s pretty flexible.You could still pull off that chained skull pick with a suit, as long as your collar is open and your hairstyle has attitude. I’m thinking Jack Sparrow in a suit.





Classic punk style without going too far.Goes great with black jeans and a black T-shirt with a band logo and looks sort of weird with anything else.



This is the one most likely to be paired with suits and ties, and is easily the most upscale style of man bracelets. This is great when you want something with a little flash and swagger. Pair it with simple but elegant clothes and let it do the talking every time it flashes from underneath those cuffs.

Men’s Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet Rustic Wide Band by Lynn Todd Designs

These come in a variety of styles, but it still remains a single solid, bold statement on that wrist. It’s masculine, uncluttered and somewhat “look at me”.

Wearing one of  these means no wristwatch, its an either/or choice. Anything too flashy is a no-no, and you clearly need no gemstones. The bracelet alone is title enough.






At the end of the day , chosen well, a good bracelet will do what any other good accessory does, complement what you wear. Your outfits definitely change day to day, so that means having a good variety of man bracelets to suite your mood or outfit. Or you can just stick to one type if that is who you are, as long as it looks natural and effortless.

Start easy and with a few and see if you like the whole “man bracelet” idea.

Have fun now.


Tisha …XoXo…



  1. The topic on jewelry is mainly focused on women because it is said that women appreciate jewelry more than men do. Women tend to buy more jewelry, receive them as gifts, and wear them pompously; that it seemed that jewelry manufacturing was entirely dedicated to them. But in the recent tide of fashion, men have been seen sporting jewelry as part of their whole ensemble. And indeed, it has been pleasing to eyes of many women on how men’s jewelry actually made their counterparts even more appealing to them. Men who wear jewelry indicate that they are people who care a lot about showing their personality and indicate that they care about how they look. Men’s jewelry also signifies confidence and success that are extremely appealing to women. Men often buy jewelry based on how good one piece looks when he tries it for the first time, which can be an ultimate decisive factor. Few months I have purchased this type CLASSIC SILVER & NIOBIUM bracelet from Discover Helix. Thanks for sharing.

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