It has been said, preached, historically proven, researched on officially,properly and also, THAT women appreciate a man’s shoes before his watch. (I’m not even lying, and I love a good watch).Arguably the most important investment of all: your shoes. I like to say that the first time you meet someone, you’re judged on basically three things– your hair, handshake and footwear (and a watch for me ).And I’m not saying all you ever do should be to impress the opposite sex, now that is jut sad.Be you, just do it with style.

Job interview or a first date, if you’re hoping for approval from a “future boss” or potential love interest, you’re probably not going to get it when they glance down to see a rather sad-looking pair of battered old I dont know what.Honey you need to step it up a bit.Even the Bible says so.

“But the choices are eternal!”.That is true,with an ever increasing display of footwear styles available both in stores and online, shopping for shoes can be nerve-wrecking. No worries, I’ve tried to narrow down the top five essentials and a few more for bonus. Your welcome.

  1.  The Leather Lace-Up Boot

    No, boots are not for only cowboys and hikers.There are enough types of boots out there for the one that loves the dirty-sexy life of a hiker or for those that just really want to be cowboys.I know a few of them. So,already have a pair of lace up leather boots? consider adding a pair of suede desert boots (that smart-casual warm-weather look), leather brogue boots or hiking boots to the collection.

    How to keep them clean you ask.As Wytse Hylkema of Red Wing Heritage explains: “To extend the life of your boots, use a leather protector before wearing them for the first time. It adds an invisible shield to water, oil and mud.”
    “For general cleaning, use warm water, a clean cloth and a soft bristle brush. For more difficult areas, use leather cleaner product with a clean cloth and brush. Then, remove the cleaning product with a damp cloth and allow to dry.”leather lace up boot

The White Leather Low Top Trainer.

The  choice on the market today is outrageous, it’s tough to select just one style, but suffice to say you should be looking for something white and made from leather. Adidas Originals – think Gazelle, Superstar or Stan Smith models – are a good place to start if you want something with a street wear slant that works with both jeans and T-shirt combinations as well as smarter trousers and blazers.For purists, Vans Authentic white leather or Common Projects’ Achilles silhouette offer comfort, versatility and classic, luxurious style.ow top trainers

The Suede Loafer.suede oafers, alden tassel



brown leather.jpg

TED BAKER ARCHERR.ted baker acherr.jpg

Navy suede wingtips, perforated detailing, contrast stitching, and crimson soles make these dress shoes a serious style score, no matter what you wear them with.

JOHNSTON & MURPHY ALDRICH II.johnston & murphy aldrich
Go traditional with these cap-toe oxfords, a smart sartorial choice with their on-point perforated design and trampoline cushioning system.

This shoe is part of Allen Edmonds’s Timeless Classics for a reason: Its cap-toe feature and decorative details go the extra mile, suggesting that the oxford’s wearer does, too.


Russell & Bromley ABACROMBIE Burgundy Patent Leather Lace-Up Brogue Shoes

my personal favourite actually.

OK, so I know some of the other really great shoes may not be in this list,because well, that would take me days.This list is purely essentials,I mean you really must own one of these if not all of these boys. These start your shoe closet, yes, we have one too.

Also,dressing each of these up matters. Especially the boots, you need to pick the right silhouette: too high and they run the risk of overpowering your outfit, too short and they’ll look like an odd heritage-inspired take on an ankle boot. Either way, you do you and surely you will succeed.

Obviously, there is no golden rule to building the ‘perfect shoe collection’, as tastes are bound to differ. If you’re into wearing suits, you’re not necessarily going to be dancing at the bit for a pair of fashion trainers. Equally, if you’re into distressed jeans and long-line tees, a patent Oxford probably isn’t your number one priority.

This list just basically provides you a base to work from and be sure you are ready for all events that may pop-up unexpected.Carefully consider which styles you really need, and then shop around for a good deal to build a footwear collection that’s the definition of timeless and versatile.

Well, I think my work here is somewhat finished.




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