Yes, i know, me too. When i see suspenders, i think Larry King.Well unless you are as cool as him, you can NOT get away with them just anywhere. Why? I’ll get back to that in a minute. For now, I’ll just tell you a little something about good ol suspenders!!

It is really hard to take in, but believe it or not, prior to World War I, the popular method of keeping one’s trousers up was with a pair of suspenders. So yes, the belt is a relatively recent invention. I know, I would absolutely fail with you in fashion history class. Is there one? We will find out.Suspenders originated over 300 years ago and were considered as undergarments. But basically, they are simply fabric worn over your shoulders to help hold your pants up from the front and the back.Unlike the belt, which holds your pants tight around your waist to keep them from falling, the suspenders just hold them in place..literally suspended around the waist.


So what are suspenders and what are braces? *drumrolls* They are the exact same thing. Braces is what they are known as in British.So no, there is no complicated difference between them.Suspenders are many times  viewed as a relic from another era and/or for a  certain kind of people or professions. However, as we all know,fashion is changing everyday and the  suspenders can now be considered just another element in the well-dressed modern gentleman’s sartorial playbook.(haha, i swear i stole that last line but i am proud of it).

Enough history there,lets get to the accessorizing.

Don’t Wear Suspenders with a Belt!!  Suspenders are a method for keeping your pants up. A belt is another method for keeping your pants up. So please don’t ever wear suspenders with a belt (or a belt with suspenders?).See where I’m heading? It’s like wearing a waistcoat with a tie bar(I’ve seen a few).Just seriously choose one method or the other. Don’t cross the streams.

The GQ Style Guy puts it best: “Whenever I see a man wearing a belt and suspenders, which is not all that often, I think, Now, here is a pessimist. Guys who wear a belt and suspenders probably carry umbrellas on sunny days and wear more than one condom.”

It’s basic brain work to know that you do not need to wear suspenders with pants that are tight around your waist.They look way classier with pants with a little room around the waist.Unless you want to add an unnecessary accessory to your look.In which case, that is sad.


Most times you don’t really have to worry about how to adjust them because it can be really tricky and annoying.My advice here is to go by feel. You’ll know when you’ve got them set up properly. Trust me(works for the ladies). They do though come in different sizes/lengths.Did i mention designs too?

Whether it’s a holiday party, a new years bash, or a gift, check out some  modern sharp suspenders and find the one that’s right for your style, from street, to punk, to heritage, to classic, to formal.In my opinion, it depends entirely on the material and the make. If they are silk then wear them to your next cocktail party or black tie event. Whether they clip or button, it doesn’t matter—if they look sharp, and you know how to match, then break the rules.

Brian Sacawa: He Spoke Style->When it comes to formal wear, suspenders are de rigueur. A belt with formal attire is a non-starter.

So if your a young man and somehow you do not own suspenders, I ask why? and how is that even possible? Its like living in 2016 and telling me you don’t have an ever present urge to die your hair. It’s one of those things we always think of,even at night, but are too scared to even bother.(does that make much sense? well you get the point).605844-19811-52






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